Upcoming Events
Club Membership Forum - Update/ Progress Reports
Mornington Hotel
Nov 02, 2022
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Interplast Formal Dinner
Toorak College
Nov 08, 2022
Ms Janet Phillips- CEO - Peninsula Home Hospice
Mornington Hotel
Nov 09, 2022
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Mornington Rotary Club - AGM
Mornington Hotel
Nov 16, 2022
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Jo Hastings-StVin's Institute of Medical Research
Mornington Hotel
Nov 23, 2022
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Bunnings BBQ
Bunnings - 1100 Nepean Hwy , Mornington
Nov 25, 2022
8:34 AM – 5:34 PM
Club Board - Meet and Greet DG
Mornington Hotel
Nov 30, 2022
5:00 PM – 5:45 PM
9820DG Paul Mee OfficialClubVisit/Presentation
Mornington Hotel
Nov 30, 2022
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Club Membership Forum & End of Year Presentation
Mornington Hotel
Dec 07, 2022
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Bunnings BBQ
Bunnings Mornington - Nepean Hwy
Dec 09, 2022
8:35 AM – 5:35 PM
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John Parkinson
November 10
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November 11
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November 26
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November 30
Peter Huels
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November 20
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December 6
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December 11
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December 19
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01st November 2022, Vol No 76 , Issue No 13
Bulletin - 01st Nov 2022
Major Club Project - Shelter Over The long Table
As most of us are aware by now this Major Club Project is still ongoing and since its commencement some 18 months ago, that being even before the first sod of soil was turned, there were a number of Administrative factors that accumulated to delay the physical commencement side of things. In late June this year we saw soil being turned over and timber being erected. From June until today the post COVID problems associated with material supplies and one unfortunate case of vandalism have all combined to once again impact of the projected end date. At this stage we have been advised, by the Builders, that have now a date of Wednesday 30th Nov 22, whereby they predict The Shelter will be completed, fingers crossed.
Board Meeting & Membership Forum
Last week the Club held its six weekly Board Meeting which was a somewhat lengthy meeting with a lot of Club and Rotary business being tabled and discussed. Many of the items of business centred around our Clubs upcoming events, to mention a few, that being our proposed commitment to the Mornington Race Course Car Parking Tasking, the invitation to present a Stall at the Bunnings XMAS Market. Along with these mini projects there was discussion in regards to actually ' finding the numbers on the ground' to be able to physically undertake these upcoming tastings. As the Board Meeting was a bit longer than usual and our Club Secretary is still gathering some very important specific details in regards to matters of Finance, that were presented, the Board Minutes are still being compiled and will be promulgated very shortly.
Club Meeting - Tomorrow Evening - 2nd Nov 22
So from following on from last week's Board  Meeting, at tomorrows evening's Club Meeting we will hear from Ross K, our Membership Chair, with feedback/updates from a number of initiatives we as members instigated in an effort to recruit new potential members into the Club, some three weeks ago. We will also hear from our Community Chair, Cameron G, who will present our current and projected Community tasks, as discussed at last week's Board Meeting. We all need to contribute and not just present an idea/project, which is extremely appreciated and encouraged, but also, be all willing to follow thru and "roll up our sleeves" and get down and dirty and directly involved.
Remembrance Day- 11th Nov 22
Next Friday week we will once again "stand fast" for a minute and remember and acknowledge all those Service Men and Women who paid the ultimate sacrifice in thier Service to our country. Our own Military Man on the Spot being Liegh Power, will at tommorow evening's Club Meeting be providing an update along with a request for support from our own local RSL to sell Poppies at various locations around town, in the coming week. As we all know our local RSL is unfortunatley losing members and we as a Rotary Club have and I hope we will continue to support the RSL, what it stands for, and help out with this event. Its only a short time frame to volunteer your time (a few hrs) and it means so much to the ongoing support of our local RSL and ethos of our Country.
Club Items of Note
With the "sharing around" of Club Tasks a very big thanks to those Members who have volunteered to be at our Clubs Weekly Meeting for the Welcome Desk. Please find listed below the upcoming roster for this club task, thanks. 
Wed 26th Oct 22        Board Meeting
Wed  02 Nov 22         TBA
Wed 09 Nov 22          Cameron Guymer
Wed 16 Nov 22          Peter Huels
Wed 23 Nov 22          Ian Horton
Wed 30 Nov 22          Peter Jay
Upcoming Club Events / Projects
As we now are heading into the warmer but wetter weather there are a number of club Events to be undertaken between now and our 2022 Christmas Recess, so if you are viable to help out please keep in mind some of these dates'
1.  Bunnings BBQ No 1 - Fri 25th Nov 2022
2.  Bunnings BBQ No 2 - Fri 09th Dec 2022 
3.  Bunnings XMAS Stall - Thurs evening 08th Dec 2022
4.  Race Course Car Park - Sun 13th Nov 22 - confirmation/ details will be provided at this week's Club Meeting.
Presidents Report
This weeks President Report is rather brief and just to mention a few items to remind Members of:
Board Meeting - Youth Report
For most Members we all don't get to see the Chairs Individual Reports that are formulated and then presented at each Board Meeting. Each Chair looks back over the last six weeks and also into the future short and long term period/s and compiles a report, some brief in dot point and some with lots of information and I thought it important to share with all members a report that was presented by our Youth Chair, Judy Seager, at last weeks Board Meeting. Her report was to say the least was fantastic/ amazing and one of the best, in both content with specific and detailed accounts of each area of focus under the heading of Youth, I and my fellow Board Members have seen. I still have the Report and it would be great for all to see it and just have a look at the content which to me clearly demonstrates the passion, dedication and effort that Judy undertakes within her role of our Youth Chair, well done Judy, you efforts are very, very much appreciated you are a credit to our Club and importantly the positive image that you present of Mornington Rotary to all our local Schools.
Current Vic Flood Crisis
We are still awaiting information/ report from District to see where we might help out
Youth Protection – Government - New Guidelines
Please check your Working With Children status has expired or is due to expire in the near future please contact our Clubs Youth Protection Officer – Joe Siragusa, ASAP, on Mob Ph – 0429 990143 or via e-mail
For more information,  and upcoming events please see our website, or follow us on facebook